Medical Bins


Akro-Mils’ trusted and reliable storage bins and organizational products are ideal and highly effective in pharmacies as well as all different kinds of medical and healthcare facilities.  Akro-Mils Medical Storage Bins are the best way to store, protect, organize and color code your supplies in your supply rooms, helping you save time, money and resources.  Having a neatly organized medical, healthcare or pharmacy facility is critical for many different reasons.  Akro-Mils is the most trusted and reliable manufacturer of plastic storage bins, organization solutions, transport and material handling products for use in healthcare and pharmaceutical settings.  Today, materials management standards in all healthcare settings and environments require supply rooms and areas to be safe, clean and organized.  Akro-Mils product line has many different options that will help you optimize your available storage space while also helping you maintain your inventories.  Akro medical bins are designed with healthcare facilities and patient care in mind.  The medical storage bins and organization solutions help staff locate supplies and equipment faster and keep patient areas organized.  All of this allows the nurses and doctors to spend more time on what is really important, patient care.  You can either color code or simply label these bins to help you always know where each specific supply or medication is located.  Purchase Akro-Mils Medical Storage Solutions Here

Supply Room Bins

Supply Room Bins

Akro’s Medical Storage bins are manufactured in a number of different sizes, colors and features.  Some are able to hang and or stack, some can nest inside of each other and some have lids.  No matter which medical bin you select, they can easily be color coded or labeled and will provide protection for whatever is inside of it.  There are medical bins with open fronts which will help you check on your parts and always know when you need to order more of a specific supply.  The Clear AkroBins are great because you can always tell what’s inside with one quick glance.  When you replace your cardboard with Akro Medical Bins you will immediately make your facility cleaner and more healthy since the you are eliminating the debris from cardboard.  Eliminating this debris is essential for the prevention and damage to sensitive and important parts and supplies.  In all healthcare facilities and pharmacies, productivity is critical.

With these Akro Medical bins you will help people make the most of their time and efforts.  When your supplies are neatly organized, it saves time and then the nurses and doctors can focus on taking care of their patients.  There is no need to waste valuable time and energy searching for supplies.  Using these storage bins and organization products helps reduce any errors that could be made by someone in a supply room.

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